LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Henderson City Council voted 4 to 1 to approve plans to build a Hindu temple on Tuesday.

The location for the new temple is set to be built on a five-acre site at the southwest corner of Lisbon Street and Berlin Avenue in the Foothills Planning area, according to online records.

In August, 8 News Now reported on some concerns among residents living near the proposed site.

Residents who spoke to 8 News Now said it was not the idea of the temple that was the issue, but that they didn’t want the temple in their backyard.

The site for the new temple called Anand Utsav Mandir sits in the middle of a rural preservation area in Henderson where hundreds of ranch-style homes have been built.

“When I walk out of my door, there will be a huge temple in my face,” Shari Warren a resident living near the proposed site told 8 News Now back in August.  “We have churches on the outskirts of our area which is fine they are beautiful but they are in the outskirts.”

Earlier in the year, there were concerns from residents about the height of the dome for the temple it has since been changed from 47 feet to 35 feet.