LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — With election day on Tuesday, many political candidates are making their last pitch to voters. However, one local candidate is claiming that her political signs have been vandalized and even going as far as filing a lawsuit against those who she believes are responsible.

“On Friday, I filed a lawsuit against the association and want to proceed with that as there has been damage to my reputation. It’s been incredibly difficult for my family,” Henderson City Council candidate, Carrie Cox, said.

Cox shared with 8 News Now that she has taken legal action against the Las Vegas Realtor Association. She claims that their Political Action Committee released flyers about her that she said are nothing but slander.

“There were two mailers that were received by many residents, and one accused me of being extreme left and the other extreme right and it created a big deal among voters,” Cox said. “It all links back to the Las Vegas Realtor Association and my opponent is a realtor. She’s a commercial, residential broker here in town.”

Cox referring to her City Council opponent, Trish Nash, claims that Nash’s husband had been involved in taking down her campaign signs along with paying off others to do so.

“He sent a picture and text message to me about some of the signs and then we also have had homeless people report to police that they have been paid and coerced to take them down as well,” Cox said.

8 News Now reached out to Henderson City Council Candidate, Trish Nash who said that it’s unfortunate such allegations have been made against her and her family. 

“I found out this evening that now she is accusing me of hiring homeless people to remove her signs,” Nash said. “All of the allegations from Carrie Cox in regard to moving her signs are completely unfounded and untrue. I run my campaign with integrity and transparency.”

8 News Now reached out to the Las Vegas Realtor Association who said that they were unaware that such a lawsuit had been filed.

Locals will cast their final vote for either Cox or Nash to fill the Henderson City Council Ward 3 seat on Tuesday.