LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Local charities and organizations understand this is a tough time for parents, and there are resources available for those struggling to raise and take care of their children.

A valley mother is facing child abuse charges after police say she left her three children home alone in a room with the door duct taped shut. Tierami Beverly was arrested in January. 

Metro Police say the children were trapped in a bedroom and bathroom area, with the bathtub overflowing. Police say they found Beverly’s 1-year-old asleep on the wet floor.

According to an arrest report, Beverly told police she had never done something like this before. She also said she was going through “tough times” as a “single mother of three.” 

While this may be an extreme case, a lot of people across the valley are struggling to raise their kids right now. But for those reaching a breaking point, local nonprofits and organizations say they are here to help.

“We’re here to provide them with the education and the tools that they need,” said Kelly Maxwell, executive director of Baby’s Bounty.

Baby’s Bounty is a local charity that provides “baby bundles” to families in need. Those bundles include cribs, car seats, clothes, bottles, rattles, toiletries and more. There is also a required class those parents need to take. Due to COVID-19, those classes are done virtually or telephonically.

“It teaches them how to properly care for a newborn with safe sleep practices, safe water practices, and it also teaches them how to safely use the items that we give them,” Maxwell explained.

Other organizations, such as The Shade Tree and United Way of Southern Nevada, are also great resources. Amanda Haboush-Deloye, director of programs for Prevent Child Abuse Nevada, says any kind of support is critical — especially if a parent feels like they need to choose between caring for their kids and leaving to go to work or buy groceries to put food on the table.

“There are just all of these choices to make day-to-day that other people never have to think about how they’re going to make those things happen,” Haboush-Deloye said.

The main message: there is help available.

Maxwell stressed, ”Our goal is to provide a safe environment for children in Southern Nevada.” 

Here is a list of nonprofits and organizations that can help:

Additional resources include: