LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Gambling is the foundation of the state’s economy. It’s also addictive.

March is Gambling Awareness Month and there is a local center helping people with a gambling addiction.

The Problem Gambling Center’s mission is to provide evaluation and counseling for those struggling with gambling problems and addiction.

Ted Hartwell is a consultant at the center. He knows all too well of the impact addiction can play in one’s life. While Hartwell recognized a gambling habit starting to form, it took him two years before he realized he needed help.

“I was really obsessed with this big potential to hit a big jackpot and solve a lot of problems in my life, but which were being made worse because of my gambling. I saw myself get into financial trouble. I saw myself start to lie to my family and coworkers about what I was doing,” he said.

Hartwell has not gambled in more than 13 years and said raising awareness is his way of giving back. If you’re struggling with addiction, or if you would like to learn more, you can call the Problem Gambling Center at (702) 363-0290