LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — How well do you love your body, and how do you gauge if that measures up?

Life coach Deborah Grayson Riegel said that with different body types, different metabolisms, and different goals in life, it’s impossible to define beauty in one way.

“I think the best thing we can do is to get out of the comparison race, right? So even thinking to myself, I’m every bit as beautiful as she is, or, you know, I still measure up, still means that we are comparing ourselves to somebody else’s standard other than our own,” Riegel told 8 News Now. “And if you’re going to unlearn a lifetime of comments about a positive body means a certain size or shape, you’ve got to be really patient with yourself and expect there to be setbacks along the way.”

Riegel said that if you have doubts, try to analyze the internal feedback you get when you see your reflection.

“So when you look at yourself in the mirror, ask yourself what you’re feeling. Am I feeling disappointed? Am I feeling ashamed, embarrassed and be willing to name it? Go after it, be willing to feel the hard emotions and know that it’s there to help you understand what you value and what matters to you, and then see if you can replace it with a more helpful, healthier thought,” Riegel said.

Counselor Jacob Cooper said that keeping the spotlight on your own values and what truly matters in your life will shelter you from the negative noise.

“Instead of focusing on what’s outside, finding ways to set your own intentions within your life and focus on the news that you create or the story that you want to tell,” Cooper said. “And I think what people need to be able to do is to let go of a lot of things that have been a part of their limited sense of identity to open themselves up to the beauty that’s there.”

Executive life coach Adam Jablin said to pick your posse of positive people and avoid or limit your time around those who aren’t.

“Make sure you’re with the right people, friends, family, and there is power and being able to, like a boxer, bob and go in for a few minutes. Be with your loved ones, then bow out, because if you’re hearing negative reinforcement, you can’t sit and you have to get out,” Jablin advised.

Riegel said that if you are seeking positive change, craft healthy goals and keep them attainable to set yourself up for success while training yourself to love who you are inside and out.

“Body positivity may be a little bit too far of a reach. If you’ve got it, good for you. For me, I’m working on body neutrality, right? So to get from ‘Oh, what is this?’ to ‘This is me,'” Riegel suggested. “‘I can get some new clothes that make me feel awesome’ is probably a healthier thought. Or you can borrow mine, which is ‘the necklace is always going to fit.'”

All the life coaches who spoke with 8 News Now said that staying away from negative influences of social media and glam magazines can help.