LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Whether you want to be functional or extra fit, Aaron Alexander who is a movement coach encourages many to move around to keep their bodies and minds in shape. He adds that even the smallest actions can make a big difference.

“The term for small movements throughout the day is a fancy term. It’s called neat non-exercise activity thermogenesis and very fancy. And what that is is all the little fidgets and kind of wiggles and twists and turns, and you get up and walk and get some coffee and, you know, take a walk on your cell phone as you’re talking to somebody,” Alexander said.

Alexander also says the more N.E.A.T. or small movements one makes throughout the day, the more calories can be burned while giving the body and joints an easy workout. However, for avid exercisers who often max out moves, he says it’s important to set boundaries for pain.

“Your body has a really clever, simple, and easy way of saying there’s a position that’s not good for you and it hurts like muscle burn is completely different than joint strain. So you will not heal your joints by going into the pain in the joint going around, the pain, incredibly valuable,” he added.

Alexander also says that many people overlook a very basic principle of movement that might seem unnatural.

“Just the value of spending time, a little bit of time on the ground each day. So if you ever do a yoga class or maybe like pilates or a martial arts class or jiu-jitsu, you will be on the ground a lot,” Alexander said.

He believes the valuable getting up and down motion could help keep your body nimble for a lifetime.

“Have a space that you can comfortably get up and down off of the ground. Throw some floor cushions down, put a yoga mat down someplace, so it’s inviting you to get all the way down to that range of motion. Get a really comfortable rug, and by doing that, you’re going to start to be implementing these little doses of healing motion into your ankles, into your knees, into your hips, into your spine, your pelvic floor,” he tells 8 News Now.

Alexander has been practicing his techniques for more than a decade and is the creator of the Align Method, which he says is a way to age-proof your body through movement and training.