LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As the Las Vegas economy bounces back, many people are returning to the workforce. 8 News Now spoke with an expert about breaking back into the job market.  

“Cooking, that’s my passion,” Necotis Dixon shared, “and that’s what I do.”

After years away from the workforce, she just scored a job in Las Vegas. 

“I was able to get what I want here and quickly,” Dixon said.

She was recently hired at Arizona Charlie’s Casino and calls this position a blessing for her and her son, M.J.

“It was just such a lifesaver to know that we could easily go and apply and find jobs,” M.J. told 8 News Now, “have resources look out for us.”

Dixon is one of many who’s searched for work in Southern Nevada after a long time out of the loop. 

Sonia Petkewich, owner of Taurean Consulting, a group that works to fill IT and tech jobs locally, said if you’re trying for a particular position, it’s more important than ever to prepare. 

“I think a lot of people are in this interesting place, where they want to go back to work,” Petkewich said. She continued, “Just in general, have you been keeping up on talking about what you’ve learned? Talking about what experiences you’ve had.”

Before anyone throws their hat in the ring, Petkewich recommends keeping skills fresh with seminars, online courses and up-to-date industry changes. 

“If you haven’t been working in that environment, how have you stayed in that playground as far as talking about this is who I am,” Petkewich advised. “These are the skills I bring to the table.”

Interview skills are also a must. She says it’s essential to stay ready and ward off any nerves. 

“How do you stay in that arena, without getting nervous and being able to sell yourself as someone who should be brought back into the workforce,” Petkewich explained.

Above anything, attitude is key. Though some may use the term “overqualified,” Petkewich encourages everyone to take that expertise for all it’s worth. 

“If you want to use your master’s degree or use your years of experience, or use your title to the advantage of bettering an organization or bettering a team, then you are an asset to an organization,” she said.

As for Dixon, she called persistence key in any professional situation. 

“Reach out, that’s what people need to do,” Dixon said. “Like he (M.J.) said, instead of just waiting on people to call you, reach out. That’s what I did.”

She said her whole family is grateful to kickstart a new chapter here in Nevada. 

“This is a wonderful place to start over,” Dixon concluded, “and that is what we are doing.”

For more information on Taurean Consulting, click here.