LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A jackpot-winning at a Dotty’s Casino went terribly wrong earlier this week, and now an employee of the establishment is dead.

60-year-old Alicia Gibellina was described as strong-willed and kind-hearted by loved ones.

Gibellina, the casino manager, was trying to do the right thing Wednesday night when a thief took off with a customer’s purse at the casino. That’s when she stepped in, tragically losing her life in the process.

“I saw Alicia, the manager, pursuing after him, and she went around the driver’s side door that was open and what looked like recover the purse, and I saw her put up her hands and take a step back,” said a witness to the incident. “It wasn’t until he was finished reversing and pulling out that I saw her body laying on the ground.

“I told dispatch that she wasn’t breathing and that she was bleeding from her nose, and they asked me if I could roll her over and start CPR chest compressions,” the witness continued.

Gibellina’s friends and family are devastated. Her husband, Miguel, of 22 years described her as “a woman who followed the rules and did what was right.”

“She was someone you could depend on. No matter if I was upset with my kids or my boyfriend, she was that person that you called,” said Gibellina’s best friend, Kathleen Hull. “My heart goes out to Miguel. Miguel is just one of those simple guys who was just really good and he loved Alicia so much. That was his whole world.”

The man police are looking for was said to be in a stolen SUV. It’s a black 2012 Mercedes GL5 with Nevada plates 565T77.

“The thought that he could do this to one person, he could do this to someone else and another family could be going through this tomorrow,” Hull continued. “He has no conscience.”

To donate to the GoFundMe page in memory of Alicia, visit this link.