LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas woman is trying to move forward as she grieves her husband, who allegedly took his own life after setting their house on fire.

Cora Williams said she is remembering her husband, Jerome Williams, of 11 years. The childhood sweethearts shared four children together, but she said she never thought her family would be living this nightmare.

Williams told 8 News Now she got a chilling text from her husband July 7, which showed a picture of their house on fire.

“And then he texted that this is the last time I would hear from him, he told me ‘Tell the kids I love them’ and that he was sorry, I called 911 as fast as I could,” she said.

But she was too late — she said her husband had set their house on fire and then took his own life.

I just don’t think he was really in his right mindset, again, I never thought he would do anything like this,” she added. “He really loved his children so much, he adored them.”

Williams said it was only after her husband’s passing that she found out he was diagnosed with bipolar depression when he was younger, but never received help for it.

I knew that he did struggle but I think he really was more ashamed and didn’t want to seek the help that he needed,” she said. “He had these really high ups and really low low‘s.”

It’s a problem brewing for many people suffering from mental health issues, according to Roseman University psychiatrist Karin Esposito.

“People who are dealing with mental health issues can reach a moment of crisis at any time,” she said. “The most important thing is to have someone to listen to at the moment and give thought and direction.”

The new 988 suicide hotline number can give people who are struggling a chance to talk it out.

Williams said her plan right now is to push forward one day at a time.

“I just feel like I’m trying to survive each day,” she said.

Williams and her children are living with different family members while they wait for insurance to step in to repair their home. Their GoFundMe to help pay for expenses can be reached through this link.