New details were released Thursday about the temporary closure and renovation to the Hard Rock Hotel.

Employees will likely keep their jobs despite the temporary 4-month shut down of the hotel and casino next year as it’s transformed into Virgin Hotels Las Vegas.

“I don’t think anybody expected that they would close completely for any period of time,” said Scott Roeben, with Vital Vegas.

The multi-million dollar project is expected to impact the livelihood of a couple of thousand employees.

Roeben, who broke the news, says, the new owners want a smooth transition. 

“Sometimes in a situation like this people will jump ship,” Roeben said. “But you want people to stay working to the last possible moment.”

So what does this mean for the workers? Well, some workers are part of a union.  The Culinary Union, Operating Engineers Union, and the Teamsters say they plan to have a collective bargaining agreement in place before the shutdown occurs. 

A statement from the Culinary Union to says in part, “workers will have the right to be recalled to their jobs when the property reopens, and union workers won’t have to reapply for their position.”

“So they want those original team members to come back, and they’re doing everything they can to retain them following the closure,” Roeben said.

J.C. Hospitality along with other investors including the founder of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson, purchased the hotel earlier this year.

8 News NOW reached out to J.C. Hospitality for a statement regarding the pending closure and renovation. We’re still waiting for their response.