LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– How does a job that offers “hangover leave” sound? Or how about a paid day off of work if your team loses a big game or a series? What about a pet bereavement period?

Sound too good to be true? Some certainly are, but some unique perks are already being offered by certain companies.

“Some employers already offer “paw-ternity,” paid time off to bond with a new pet, and pet bereavement leave,” said Matt Gotchy, executive vice president of marketing at Trusaic.

Employers today are offering more imaginative job perks in order to differentiate themselves from other employers, to attract top talent, and keep the talent that they have.

Gotchy found half a dozen companies that offer one or both.

Rover, the nation’s largest network of dog sitters and walkers, offers three days of paid pet-bereavement leave.

The company Zogics has a soft spot for pets. Employees who bring home new puppies are given paid time off, a $200 pet store gift card, and a lifetime supply of Zogics pet shampoo.

For major corporations, it makes sense to attract millennials who are currently the largest generation in the workforce and have also become the largest pet-owning generation.

To find out what else people in the job market would respond to Trusaic commissioned a poll to rank a wish list of unusual job perks.

“Break-up leave, social media detox days, premium subscription to a dating app, compassionate leave for heart-sick sports fan,” said Gotchy.

Outlandish job perks may be one way to attract and retain talent in such competitive times, but Gotchy said that employer emphasis on fair pay and pay equity will be the strongest angle.

A study conducted by found there are currently two jobs for every candidate, and 75 percent of employees are more likely to apply for a job that promotes pay transparency.

For a list of companies that offer unique job perks, visit this link.