Only on 8: Handmade signs urge drivers to slow down near Windmill & Warm Springs

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — “There’s one 35 mph speed limit there. There’s one on Robindale. That’s it. By the time you come across Windmill, you miss that little sign,” said Glen Peterson. 

That’s why Peterson put up his own handmade signs near Bermuda Road between Windmill Lane and Warm Springs Road.

“If this becomes an expressway, the value of our property goes down. I’ve got an investment here. I built this out of my pocket so yeah, I want to protect my investment,” said Peterson. 

Peterson even added orange speed flags to another sign.

“I think they’re awesome. I was driving past them, and I was like oh… hit the break real quick,” said Jacob Neek. 

Metro Police say residents can request extra enforcement in their neighborhood at their area command. 

“They come through here a lot, and once in a while, they’ll pick somebody up, but they can’t even begin to police this small little area,” said Peterson. 

Until then, the people who live here hope their homemade signs will serve as a reminder to slow down before it’s too late.

“When you see the signs, you’re like oh yeah. What is my speed? I get into the bad habit of driving without looking at the speedometer, and when you’re the only one on the road, that really helps,” said Neek.

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