LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — What seems so simple to most can be one of the hardest things for someone experiencing homelessness: self-care and proper footwear. 

On Friday, April 28, at the Courtyard Homeless Resource Center, those with ‘Hope Christian Health Center’ took the time to help people through their “Hands of Hope Day” event. 

They helped provide foot baths, toiletries, socks, and shoes to those in need.

“The fact that it is being done out of the kindness of people and they aren’t being looked down upon like they are a scab on society feels great,” Rafael Palacios, who has been homeless for 4 months, said. 

Steven Flores, CEO of Hope Christian Health Center, said Friday’s turnout was even bigger than before.

“The first time, we predicted 75 people and we saw 148. As for today, we are already at 160 with a goal of 200 people,” he shared.

Flores shared with just how amazing it is the information you can gain about a person’s health just by looking at their feet.

“While we wash the feet, we can inspect them. There are many health indicators that can be identified in the feet from sores to issues attributed to diabetes and other infections,” Flores said.

“I’m a type two diabetic, so it’s a good service provided especially if you are on your feet all day,” Tremel Lee, who is homeless, explained. 

‘Hope Christian Health Center’ has been open for almost 10 years with four locations across the valley.