LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It’s a growing trend in Southern Nevada and around the country; renting high-end designer handbags instead of buying them.

8 News Now looked into whether monthly subscriptions, trade-ins, or resale options are worth it when it comes to high-end fashion.

Jennifer Inaba rents designer handbags, finding the appeal and loves the luxury of designer bags.  

“I just think it’s fun,” Jennifer Inaba a Las Vegas local rents designer handbags. ”It’s just really nice to have that flexibility without the commitment.” 

Handbag rentals are becoming a growing trend across the country (KLAS)

She appears to own a lot of designer bags, but Inaba rents most of her purses and accessories. 

“People think why would I spend $100 to rent something when I could spend $1000 to buy it? Well, you are still saving 900 dollars,” Inaba added.  

She is one of many, who’s jumped on the fashion trend, using sites like ‘Rent the Runway’ or ‘Bag, Borrow or Steal.’

Clients pay a small fee for high-end brands like Louis Vuitton or Chanel, use them for a short time, then send the item back. 

“You have to think of that bigger picture of how many uses am I actually going to get out of this,” Inaba said. “Do I really need it for a one-time occasion and is it going to sit in my closet collecting dust?” 

Rentals aren’t the only option for anyone wanting to look great on the cheap. 

Michael Mack, owner of ‘Max Pawn,’ told 8 News Now resale bags are a big part of his game. 

“We have demand from tourists for events and weddings,” Mack told 8 News Now.

He said customers come in to buy a slightly less expensive brand, like Coach or Kate Spade, keep it for a few months, then trade it in for a higher cost option, and work up from there. 

Mack also offers layaway options for his high-end items. 

“We have a lot of nurses and doctors and professionals that love layaway,” Mack added.  

For example, if a buyer has an interest on a $4,200 purse, the customer can put down 10% of that and then pay it off in 10%.

“Especially with what’s happening in the economy today, gas prices, people are spending an extra sixty bucks a week,” Mack added. 

He calls the layaway option solid for anyone who needs to save some cash. 

“We have a lot of waste, we have a lot of over consumption so that’s a big part of it for me,” Inaba added. “It’s like having like an online best friend’s closet you can constantly go to and pick things out. 

Inaba also believes this kind of reusing and recycling is better for the environment. 

“We have a lot of waste,” she said. ‘We have a lot of overconsumption, so that’s a big part of it for me.”

Therefore, she said for anyone on the fence about taking the rental plunge, now could be the time to try one of these bags on for size. 

“It’s like having like an online best friends’ closet,” Inaba concluded. ‘You can constantly go to and pick things out.”