Grieving parents discuss importance of PSA on safe driving

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Public Service Announcement is calling for a change when it comes to making roads safer. The PSA targets drivers who are drunk, drugged or driving recklessly.

“It helps us all heal cause we’re all in this club unfortunately not by choice. But definitely if we’re able to make movement create change from it, then that’s made it have some purpose,” Courtney Kaplan said.

Members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Traffic Bureau, along with devastated families, are bringing awareness to the issue of road safety.

“I don’t like to refer to it as an accident. I feel like we’re a victim of a person who had no regard for human life,” said one of the family members shown in the recently released PSA.

“I don’t think that longing and that need to feel the touch of your child or the smell,” said Courtney Kaplan, who lost her son in a motorcycle crash, Michael Sigler. “As a mother, I don’t think that’s ever going to go away.”

Courtney Kaplan keeps her son’s ashes with her.

“I will do anything anything to save lives,” said Steven Meriwether, a father whose son, Garret Richard Meriwether, was killed by a driver charged with DUI.

The parents are speaking out about how the loss of their children has affected them and how as a community we can create change.

“It was a traffic accident preventable and that is something definitely that I share with the families,” Kaplan said.

She wants to turn her tragedy into a positive movement and being part of the PSA gave her the will to move forward. She hopes she can change at least one person’s mind.

She says change doesn’t happen until something is taken away from you.

“It does become a very special bond when you do find a family especially the Meriwethers whose son was also 18 and just kind of embarking on his life as well,” Kaplan said.

Steven Meriwether’s son Garrett died in a crash that involved a suspected drunk driver.

“Traffic accidents fatalities are climbing. DUI’s are climbing,” Meriwether said. “We do these discussions I guess to help us heal, to keep our sons’ names out there.”

Both parents want to remind everyone to wake up and remember driving is a privilege and not a right.

“Stop stupidity. Stop the immense pain,” Meriwether said.

The PSA has been sent out across the United States.

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