LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — One of the lingering effects for some COVID-19 sufferers is migraine headaches. Besides sitting in a dark room or using over-the-counter medication — light therapy is also showing promise.

Allay is a portable, rechargeable green light therapy.

Harvard University researchers discovered a way to combat migraine headaches using a narrow band of green light. Their research showed unlike all other colors, it reduces headache symptoms and frequency in migraine patients.

In order to be able to make this treatment accessible to users, entrepreneur Ajay Kori teamed up with a former NASA engineer to build a consumer friendly device. You simply turn it on while your at your desk or at home.

The breakthrough technology of specific wavelength and intensity signals the brain to calm down. Often times during a migraine your brain is overstimulated.

“It’s very well understood that blue light inhibits the production of melatonin. And green light, almost the opposite, calms your brain. Reduced brain activity puts you to rest. It starts to make you feel better,” Kori said.

For skincare specialist and author Jude Chao the blue light from her computer gave her chronic headaches for a decade. She was ready to try anything.

“It’s like a really intense stabbing pain right behind my eyes on one side of my head, she said. “I was just really amazed at how well it worked. It exceeded my expectations completely.”

A study in Science Daily found that green light therapy resulted in about a 60% reduction in the pain intensity of the headache phase and number of days per month people experienced migraine headaches.

Chao uses it as she reads to her son in bed — and says he’s it helps him fall asleep. It’s something both mother and son have benefitted from.