LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— The Great Las Vegas Coffeeshop Giveaway wrapped up on Thursday, May 19.

Winnie & Ethels Downtown Diner, and Dinette Luncheonette are the co-winners of the competition and will be awarded their own storefront in the historic Huntridge shopping center, and The Bend.

The contest was hosted by Dapper Companies, and each of the six finalists showcased their offerings at Vegas Test Kitchen throughout the month of April, with the final showing ending on May 7.

Winnie & Ethels will soon feature in the historic Huntridge Shopping Center on Charleston Boulevard in a brand new nearly 3,000-square-foot custom-designed restaurant fully built out with furniture, fixtures and equipment, branding, signage, and marketing plan, making it ready to open for business.

Dinette Luncheonette will feature at The Bend a Class-A retail development located on West Sunset, just west of Durango in the booming Southwest valley.

Winners of the Great Las Vegas Coffeeshop Giveaway. (Photo credit: Henry Takai: KLAS)

“The competition among the six finalists was fierce, and we couldn’t pick just one winning team,” said J Dapper. “After a lot of thought, I decided to award our downtown space to Winnie & Ethel’s and a space we had available at The Bend to Dinette.”

 Judges for the contest included J Dapper, Cory Harwell (Carson Kitchen, Butcher & Thief), John Simmons (Firefly, Tacos & Beer, Graze), and Marc Marrone (Nice Hospitality –Graffiti Bao, skinnyFATS).