LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A new law in Nevada is causing some confusion. Assembly Bill 132 states you can’t be denied a job just because you’ve tested positive for marijuana.

Nevada is the first state to pass this type of law. There are some exceptions, but this law aims to help people seeking a job.

 “You can apply for a job without the restrictions of knowing that you smoke marijuana and you may not get it,” said Christine Thompson — employee at Blum Budtender Marijuana Dispensary.

Thompson and others like that the new law prevents companies disqualifying people who use weed recreationally or for medical reasons.

“Now you can do that easily and still apply for jobs with no fear of having to stress out and find other alternatives,” said Nevada resident Monique Ridgeway.

The bill only affects the hiring process. It does not impact required drug tests at companies once you’re employed.

But beware, there are exceptions to the law.

Those who need a clean test for hire include firefighters, EMT’s, people who will drive a car for the job or a position that an employer determines concerns the safety of others. An employment attorney told 8 News Now that’s a matter of interpretation and it allows a gray area to be determined.

If an employer requires a new hire to take a screening test, then the new employee has the right to submit to an additional screening test to rebut the results, and the employer must accept the follow-up test. Exceptions to that include a conflict with provisions, a bargaining agreement or jobs with the federal government.