LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – State leaders have launched a second round of the Nevada Department of Education’s DonorsChoose grant program which provides resources to teachers.

Leaders met at Clarence Piggott Academy of International Studies on Tuesday to learn more about the 10 million that will be set aside to help educators.

Clark County School District fifth-grade educator Beth Barber said she’s usually scrambling to buy school supplies for her class.

“Looking for ‘Oh, I need this colored paper, or oh, let me make this brighter [and] laminate this or whatever right’,” says Barber.

Barber has been teaching for about 22 years and spending thousands out of pocket on materials for her class.

“I could imagine as a new teacher it’s probably over a thousand dollars or more,” she said. “A lot of the kids they can’t provide or parents can’t provide.”

State Superintendent Jhone Ebert said teachers like Barber are going to get the help they need.

“Our educators know best of the resources that they need in their classroom,” she said.

This is the second time for the DonorscChoose grant program.

“This was from prior funding that was made available out of the pandemic,” Ebert said. “The legislature and the governor have signed off on funds specifically that are directed to our educators.”

Public and charter school educators will be able to order up to $500 worth of materials for their classrooms.

“In prior legislation, the teachers had to actually go to the store themselves [and] they had to gather the receipts,” Ebert said.

With this grant, teachers will not have to use their own money to buy school supplies.

“About 40% of the materials were reading materials that teachers ordered,” she says.

Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro said constantly investing in public education is important.

“Let’s say they need additional supplies to help facilitate that project, that’s going to teach these kids something amazing they have the resources,” Cannizzaro explains.

As for Barber, she says there will always be a need for more.

“It’s better than nothing,” she said.

Providing her and many other teachers with the room to cover additional costs while doing what they love, teaching.

The program will serve more than 15,000 educators. They will be able to order materials online through the program and they will be shipped directly to their school.

According to a news release, the Nevada Department of Education will begin funding eligible requests on a first-come, first-served basis starting Tuesday, October 31. Educators can learn more about their DonorsChoose projects.