LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak held a press conference Wednesday, June 23 at 1 p.m. to provide updates on the work and accomplishments of the Nevada COVID-19 Private Sector Task Force throughout the pandemic.

“I am proud of our state, its leaders and all its residents for showing the power of public-private partnership, and the strength and resilience of Nevadans,” said Gov. Sisolak.

“The work of the Nevada COVID-19 Private Sector Task Force has made a tremendous difference in our fight against COVID-19 and I am extremely grateful,” Sisolak added.

Sisolak created the Nevada COVID-19 Response, Relief, and Recovery Task Force in March 2020 to use the power of public and private partnerships in the State’s response to the pandemic.

Sisolak was joined at the news conference by members of the Nevada COVID-19 Private Sector Task Force.

The COVID-19 Private Sector Task Force was chaired by Jim Murren and includes members from industries across the State.

“I have always been so proud to call myself a Nevadan. When the call goes out, it is answered ten-fold,” said Murren.

The Task Force raised millions of dollars, acquired vital PPE, distributed masks, and connected students with broadband internet and laptops during the pandemic.

“We raised $12 million in a week and a half,” Murren said.

“Nevada has seen its share of adversity in the last few years – but each and every time, we fight with that Battle Born spirit, and we face the challenge head on, with creativity and determination. Facing this pandemic was no different,” Murren added.

Dr. Robert McBeath expressed his gratitude to healthcare providers and first responders, referencing the improvement of turnaround time on COVID-19 testing when a lab was established at UMC. He says it greatly affected the care provided to patients during the pandemic. “That was an absolute game-changer.”

The Task Force presented a summary report of those activities and presented them to Sisolak and shared it with the public today at 1 p.m. at the Grant Sawyer State Office Building on 555 E. Washington Avenue. 8NewsNow livestreamed the event on this website and our Facebook page.

Photo: Governor Sisolak’s office, COVID Trace App launch

The Task Force was supported over the past year by a variety of donated professional services, from marketing to accounting and legal counsel. The report contains a list of major donors who helped with Task Force efforts probono.

Task Force Finance Chair Alex Dixon thanked frontline workers and donors who made recovery from the pandemic possible, “That is what we were here to set up to do … to protect them so they could protect us.”