Governor-elect Steve Sisolak pushes for cannabis control board

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Lawmakers are likely going to tackle a number of marijuana-related issues in Carson City in the coming months, so Governor-elect Steve Sisolak is adding to that list by pushing for a “cannabis control board.”

He floated the idea while answering a marijuana-related question from Politics Now Co-host Patrick Walker during Sisolak’s first sit-down television interview since winning the election.

When you look at the numbers from the first year, Nevada’s budding marijuana industry has grown faster than predicted.  In fact, marijuana sales generated 40 percent more tax revenue than the governor’s budget office predicted.  And tax revenue is outpacing the year-two projections so far this fiscal year.

All of this comes with a number of issues that still need to be addressed.

“Businesses need consistency and constancy when it comes to this rulemaking,” Sisolak said.

Governor-elect Sisolak is proposing a new regulatory structure for cannabis in the Silver State.

“We have a Gaming Control Board, which sets the gold standard, and I think we could have a cannabis control board, as it relates to cannabis in the state and has consistent rules across the state,” Sisolak said.

One proposed function of the cannabis control board, Sisolak said he wants to standardize some issues like advertising that vary across local jurisdictions.  He says that board can handle things like banking and pot lounges.

“If we’re going to have consumption lounges, they should be everywhere, they shouldn’t just be in one local jurisdiction,” Sisolak said.

So what would a cannabis control board look like?

It could be structured like the Gaming Control Board, as Sisolak alluded to. He says the staff would be involved in shaping and enforcing policy related to all of the different issues related to marijuana.

Colorado set up a similar structure.  Politics NOW met the centennial state’s pot czar two years ago.  He says it takes years to work out the issues.

“Legalizing is not like a light switch, and so I think a lot of people had in their minds that you do this, ‘you flip a switch and suddenly this is the way the world works,’ this is a lot of work for everybody,” said Andrew Freedman, the director of marijuana coordination at the State of Colorado. 

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