Governor-elect Steve Sisolak meets with industry leaders to discuss concerns, ideas for health care

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Governor-elect Steve Sisolak is just three weeks away from taking office. During his campaign, two of Sisolak’s main points of his platform he ran on was health care and education. On Friday he met with two dozen industry leaders to hear their ideas concerning health care.

Doctors and health care professionals from around the state sat down with Sisolak in Las Vegas to discuss their concerns about the state of the health care industry in Nevada.  It was broken down into a few categories.

  1. Behavioral and mental health services need a big boost.
  2. The Medicaid expansion has provided a boost in funding and payment for crucial services, but there are still some problems surfacing, such as an increase in the number of uninsured children.
  3. The state has a doctor and health care provider shortage and must do more to attract and retain doctors, nurses, and even paramedics.

Sisolak says the conversation is sobering, and to make any progress on fixing the issues, there has to be more collaboration.

“If we get everybody together and shut that door, we’ll be able to have some common-sense conversations in terms of how we get to the end, which is providing affordable, accessible health care for all the citizens of the state of Nevada, and that’s what we intend to do,” said Sisolak.

The group also addressed transparency and patient privacy protection.

Sisolak is also encouraging Nevadans to sign up for health insurance on the state exchange before the deadline hits early Sunday morning at midnight.

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