Governor Sisolak gives update on ‘Roadmap to Recovery Plan;’ Nevada’s not ready for Phase 3

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak provided Nevadans with an update on Phase 2 of the Nevada United: Roadmap to Recovery Plan at 5 p.m. on Monday.

After COVID-19 numbers declined and data improved, the Governor announced that the state was ready to enter Phase 2 on Friday, May 29. Some Las Vegas casinos and resorts reopened a few days later, on June 4.

For more than two weeks now, businesses such as bars, gyms, swimming pools and spas have been able to reopen.

There was an expectation that the positive cases would increase with reopening, but the positive cases have not negatively affected state hospitals.

Today, Governor Sisolak announced, before heading into Phase 3 we have to allow ourselves time to continue monitoring things from Phase 2.

“We are not ready to go into Phase 3. The timeline will be dictated by the virus,” said Governor Sisolak.

Sisolak said the state is still at a plateau when it comes to COVID-19 cases.

As protests continue and COVID-19 testing increases throughout the state, Gov. Sisolak is continuing to encourage Nevadans to wear face coverings out in public and practice social distancing.

The governor says people protesting outside in the open air is different from people attending church service in a building.

Regarding wearing masks, Governor Sisolak said, “I’m encouraging people to voluntarily wear masks…We’re not in a post-COVID era. We’re in the middle of a COVID-19 pandemic, we’re right dead smack in the middle of it.”

As of Monday, Nevada has a total of 465 COVID-19 deaths and over 11,200 cases. Clark County is reporting 379 deaths and 8,815 confirmed cases.

Regarding employment, the state was initially looking at 500 layoffs due to COVID-19 and needing to cut due so they can balance the budget and they got it down to less than 50.

In regards to the eviction moratorium, the Governor says they will address it again by June 30.

Sisolak says there are a lot of ideas behind what’s driving the increase in cases but we need to allow our expanded contact tracing system time to assess where these new cases may have originated.

When it comes to the CARES Act, Governor Sisolak says the state received money and all of the counties received calls about funds. However, the distribution plan was put in place by the Federal Government, which means some cities, outside of Clark County got left out.

Governor Sisolak says contact tracing will help us identify how to best address an increase in cases at the source.

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