LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Governor Steve Sisolak encouraged Nevadans to do their part to prevent the spread of COVID-19, or our state-wide situation might worsen.

This comes as Nevada is seeing an increase in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations. Gov. Sisolak says we are starting to see a fall surge of COVID-19.

“We can’t get tired, because the virus isn’t tired,” Gov. Sisolak said.


Gov. Sisolak warned Nevadans against “COVID fatigue,” as the number of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations spike across the state.

He is making it clear that now is not the time to let up on mask-wearing and social distancing.

“It results in riskier behavior and complacency. We cannot let that happen. Unfortunately, this virus does not get fatigued,” Gov. Sisolak said.

For the most recent seven-day period, Nevada is reporting roughly 666 new coronavirus cases a day. That is double what we saw at the beginning of September. Additionally, our 14-day test positivity rate is 9.1%. For perspective, the World Health Organization says communities should aim for a 5% positivity rate.

With hospitalizations also increasing, and flu season approaching, one concern is a potential burden on hospitals.

But despite the numbers, there are no new restrictions on reopening the state.

“I don’t want to get to that point, and every single Nevadan can make a difference on us getting to that point or not,” Gov. Sisolak said.

Gov. Sisolak says he has been talking to CCSD leaders about reopening schools. Parents and teachers tell 8 News Now they are ready for that, but they want the proper protocols to be put in place.

“The children are wearing masks and the teachers are wearing masks, maybe some dividers that keep them separated more,” said CCSD parent Shelby McCulley.

“We know that the most learning and the biggest return that we will get from our students is going to be in the classroom,” said Kristan Nigro, a teacher at Schorr Elementary School.

Gov. Sisolak says what happens next, is up to all of us.

On Tuesday, Nevada Health Response reported more than 650 COVID-19 cases and 15 new deaths statewide. This week, Clark County was flagged again for elevated disease transmission after meeting the criteria of high case rates and high test positivity.

“We have the power to change the trajectory,” Gov. Sisolak said. “You have the power to change the trajectory.”

Nevada DHHS recently submitted the state’s COVID-19 vaccination plan to the CDC. Gov. Sisolak plans to give an update on that next week. Stay with 8 News Now for continuing coronavirus coverage.