Gov. Sisolak doubles down: Says funding for 3 percent teacher pay raises is included in final budget

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS-TV) — Governor Steve Sisolak doubled down on his campaign and gubernatorial promise Friday and once again said that teachers will get a raise. The remarks come days after the Clark County School District Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara presented a preliminary budget that did not include teacher raises.

The governor spoke exclusively with Politics Now Co-host Patrick Walker about what lawmakers are doing to ensure teachers get a bump in pay.

According to the governor, lawmakers have balanced the budget that will give the schools the money to give teachers a raise.

“This has been a huge priority for me, Gov. Sisolak said. “The teachers are going to get — the educators are going to get the 3 percent raise that we allocated.” 

Also, during his exclusive interview with Politics NOW, the governor wanted to make it clear that more money is headed to schools to help offset the increasing costs school districts are seeing.

“At the end of the session; the money is in there,” Sisolak said. “We expected increased insurance costs: We gave them the number for that, the money for that, their health care coverage. We expected an increase in enrollment: We gave them the money for that, we expected to have the roll-ups on the merit pay; we gave them the money for that.”

The legislature will pass the final state budget, including school funding at the end of the legislative session, which is the first week of June.

Sisolak insists money for teacher raises will not be part of any last-minute negotiations as lawmakers close the books and approve the budget.

Patrick Walker: Bottom line, by sine, die, the money that you’re committing to those raises will be there when the final budget bills are signed?”
Gov. Steve Sisolak: That money’s going to be there for the raises.”

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle over the years have been skeptical of whether any additional money they pass for education goes to its intended purpose at the district level.

Legislators have introduced a bill, AB 277, that would mandate school districts reserve the amount of money in their budget equal to what the state gives them for salary raises that could only be used for that purpose.

Politics NOW reached out to the Clark County School District to respond to what the governor had to say, and ask about some of the issues he raised during the interview.

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