LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Monday night, state lawmakers adjourned the legislative session without finishing the budget. The stalemate between Democrats and Republicans means a special session will take place and also likely spells the end of the A’s baseball stadium and Sony film studio tax incentive proposals. 

Early Tuesday morning, Assembly Speaker Steve Yeager (D-Las Vegas) told 8 News Now he spoke with Governor Joe Lombardo. In that conversation, the governor indicated the special session will deal with two topics, finishing the budget and raises for charter school teachers. The A’s and Sony deals will not be included. 

The Governor’s office declined to comment but Lombardo released this statement after the session adjourned.

Late last night, the regular legislative session concluded. My office and I are conferring with legislative leadership this evening, and I anticipate calling a special legislative session in the morning. I will issue a proclamation to outline agenda items for the special session when finalized.”

Governor Joe Lombardo

The conclusion of the hectic final days of the session became clear in the Senate Chambers Monday night when the Minority Leader rejected the last, big budget bill, AB521, which is a capital improvements project measure.

Lobbyists, journalists, and spectators packed into the chambers to see if the Senate could do what the Assembly had basically done — finish its business.

Throughout the day, there were signs of compromise and signs of distance between the Democratic-led legislature and Republicans. But near the end of the session, Republicans voted against the final budget item which is the capital improvements measure. That move made a special session inevitable.

Republican Senator Heidi Seevers Gansert said Republicans could not support it.

“So here we are again 11:26 at night. Our requests are simple. We’ve made it clear we are looking for equity. We want to make sure charter schools get funding, we want to continue to expand the healthcare pipeline. So, for these reasons, we will be opposed to AB521,” Seevers said.

Aside from the A’s stadium financing bill, the $4 billion film studio tax incentive package is also dead.