LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Gov. Joe Lombardo has appointed new leaders for several state departments as the transition to his administration continues. Here is a running list of appointments since he took office and the date of the announcement, as well as department heads who were kept in place from Gov. Steve Sisolak’s administration:

Recent appointments:

Governor’s Office of Energy: Dwayne McClinton (Feb. 2)
Gaming Control Board: Kirk Hendrick (Jan. 11)
Department of Transportation: Tracy Larkin-Thomason (Jan. 9)
Department of Administration: Jack Robb (Jan. 6)
Department of Agriculture: J.J. Goicoechea (Jan. 6)
Department Conservation and Natural Resources: James Settelmeyer (Jan. 6)
Department of Corrections: James Dzurenda (Jan. 5)
Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation: Chris Sewell (Jan. 6)
Governor’s Office of Economic Development: Thomas J. Burns (Jan. 6)
Department of Wildlife: Alan Jenne (Jan. 6)
Division of Insurance: Nick Stosic (interim commissioner, Jan. 5)
General Counsel: Chris Nielsen (Dec. 27)
Southern Nevada Director: Sonia Joya (Dec. 27)
Policy Director: Michawn Rich (Dec. 19)
Chief of Staff: Ben Kieckhefer (Nov. 28)

Unfilled or carryover appointments:

Boards and Commissions: (to be announced)
Community Outreach and Constituent Affairs: (to be announced, currently headed by Madeline Burak)
Department of Business and Industry: Terry Reynolds (carryover)
Department of Education: Jhone Ebert (carryover)
Department of Health and Human Services: Richard Whitley (carryover)
Department of Motor Vehicles: Julie Butler (carryover)
Department of Public Safety: George Togliatti (carryover)
Department of Taxation: Shellie Hughes (carryover)
Department of Tourism: Brenda Scolari (carryover)
Department of Veterans Services: Fred Wagar (carryover)
Governor’s Finance Office: Amy Stephenson (carryover)
Legislative and Internal Affairs: (to be announced)
Nevada National Guard: Ondra Berry (carryover)
Senior Advisor: (vacant, a position left unfilled by Sisolak)