LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Audrina Chai said she was feeling stuck in life when she knew she wanted a change.

“I felt like I wanted to help people, but financially it wasn’t really affordable until I went to Google, and found Goodwill,” Chai said.

She described Goodwill of Southern Nevada’s one-of-a-kind “training to hire” programs to 8 News Now.

Students can learn to become a medical assistant or a certified nursing assistant in under a few months.

Chai said she jumped at the chance to become a medical assistant as there was no cost at her expense.

“To know that I’m being paid to go to school has helped me tremendously, mentally and emotionally to afford to come here and be motivated and feel better about myself,” she added.

It’s those rewarding moments that made Latoi Clemons want to become an instructor. With over 20 years of experience as a medical assistant, she knew she wanted to make a difference.

“So, we have our 90-day portion of it and when they go to their apprenticeship, we still stay with the students and talk to them all the time and we constantly get text messages, phone calls, and emails of how much they tell us they appreciate us and change their lives,” Clemons explained.

Instructor Michelle Singleton knows programs like these will help with the high turnover rate in the medical field right now.

“I think probably covid made that big shortage,” said Singleton. “People don’t want their families exposed to any illnesses and it’s demanding. It’s a demanding field and you have to be really caring and empathetic.”

Andre Robinson graduated from the certified nursing assistant program last year and was eager to get into the field. The CNA training session only takes a week.

“I took that opportunity to show growth and actually give my son a better view on what you can do in life and not be stuck in the same area,” Robinson said.

It’s career and financial stability Goodwill hopes to provide for their students and their future.

“Thanks to Goodwill, I do make double what I was making before and because of that I actually have tuition reimbursement with the hospital,” added Robinson. ” I plan on becoming a certified nursing assistant for rehabilitation.”

Goodwill also supports their students by providing advisors, books, and transportation.

“I mean the very first thing I thought of was ‘Wow I wish I had this 20 years ago.’ I could be so much further along in my career, helping a lot of other people sooner,” Singleton added.

Those interested in learning more information on Goodwill’s “train to hire” programs can click HERE.