LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Brandon Booth was adamant about helping 92-year-old Marion DiMario. 

After hearing about the tires of her 1995 Chevy Silverado truck being stolen from her retirement living facility, Booth wanted to donate his tires on Wednesday but they didn’t fit.

“I was really disappointed I really ​wanted to leave a good ending,” said Booth. 

However, on Thursday, 8 News Now had another generous viewer named Glenn Lehner, who came forward and supplied the rims and new tires. 

DiMario had no idea that new tires were being put on her truck, and 8 News Now was there as she walked out in surprise.

“Oh my goodness what did you do Brandon?” she asked.

8 News Now explained to DiMario how we kept viewers informed on her situation and which size tires she needed and told her Lehner came forward to help. 

“I was able to provide the wheels and Nevada Tire City was able to provide the tires,” Lehner said. 
DiMario said she was shocked and so thankful. 

The truck had sentimental value as DiMario’s late husband gave it to her as a gift almost 30 years ago. 

The family had originally set up a GoFundMe account but says they will be reimbursing everyone who donated so they can help someone else in need.