LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Police say a woman died Wednesday morning after her car veered off the road and hit a pole.

It happened near Charleston Road and Pecos Boulevard around 2 a.m. The woman was 38-year-old Crystal Clemenza, and she was traveling with her four-year-old daughter, who was in the backseat.

One good samaritan who witnessed the crash jumped in to help.

“I got to her and she was gasping for air,” said Angelique Bigjohn

Bigjohn says she was the first to help the mother and daughter after the crash.

“It was pretty bad,” said Bigjohn, “I don’t feel like a hero, I just feel like I’m somebody that was here at the right time.”

The driver of the white Cadillac was traveling southbound on Palm Street when she lost control of the vehicle and hit a light pole, according to authorities. That critically injured the driver and the 4-year-old child, who flipped over in the car seat and landed face down near the front console according to investigators.

“I got the baby out,” said Bigjohn. “Held the baby while I was still trying to keep the mother in tune and alert.”

An ambulance eventually transported both to UMC trauma, but Bigjohn later found the woman passed away.

According to police, impairment is suspected in the crash. The driver’s death marks the 94th traffic-related fatality in Metro’s jurisdiction