Good Day In Your Neighborhood: Sherry reveals water savings in Mountain’s Edge.

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Mountain’s Edge is one of the Las Vegas’ fastest growing communities. Weather Anchor Sherry Swensk visited the neighborhood to find out its secret to saving water and money and maintaining the beautifully smart desert landscaping used throughout the 3,500 acres.

As more master planned communities like Mountain’s Edge in the southwest show up, they attract residents for their new fresh features but most often people just want to find a place that feels like home.

You may have heard the ads calling Mountain’s Edge the “New Southwest.” The title seems to fit for the 3,500-acre master planned community.

“I love it. It’s up and coming,” said Jordan Cruz, resident. “Feels like Blue Diamond is a new neighborhood for us.”

“It’s a good residential area,” said Mike Snabon, resident. “A nice place to raise kids.”

The carefully planned parks, green belts, and nearly 12,500 homes sit right next to the south end of the Spring Mountains – which is a big part of its natural appeal.

“The thing that is cool about Mountain’s Edge is the way it was designed. It was designed to get
everyone out of their houses and enjoy the parks and the walking trails and all of that outdoor space,” said Deonna Stocker, new homes information manager.

Stocker has been selling homes in the neighborhood from the beginning and says having plenty of outdoor space is what attracts homeowners, along with quiet sustainably landscaped neighborhoods protected from commercial development.

“As you know land in Las Vegas is very expensive, so you don’t have a lot of half-acre lots like back in the Midwest. There’s no place to toss the football around in the backyard so parks are very important,” said Anthony Incorvia, Mountain’s Edge board treasurer.

As you enter Mountain’s Edge on Buffalo Drive, you’re greeted by 20-acre Exploration Peak Park with its mock Western town, 2,800-foot hiking peak and other fun features. The park is also home to community and charity events which are another great draw to bring people together.

“Absolutely. I think this park generates a lot of community and family and we love it so far,” Cruz said.

And there’s Mountain’s Edge Regional Park built by the county, which is still a work in progress, eventually expanding to more than 200 acres. Baseball fields are soon to open and there are plans for a skate park, ampitheater and so much more.

Bordered by busy Blue Diamond Road to the north, Rainbow on the east, Ft. Apache to the west and down to Remote Star Road at the south end, this area is tucked away nicely for those who live there.

“We’re just far enough away from the Strip and downtown,” said Peter Bernasconi, board president, “It’s quiet, it’s peaceful. Yet if you want to get in a car and and go to the Strip or downtown – 20 minutes, a half-hour, you’re there.”

Neighbors say they also love being home and visiting with their neighbors. 

“The closeness of the community, the neighbors doing neighborly things all the time. The events that the park throws and stuff,” said Gina Costa, homeowner. 

Mountain’s Edge has been selling so well, there isn’t a lot of new homes left. A few hundred are being finished in the Monterey Ranch neighborhood in the far south end. But as perfect as life sounds, there are a couple of downsides.

“For some reason, I think it’s windier – we get lots of wind. laughing,” Costa said.

“We have 30,000 hungry homeowners and we really need to find some more restaurants that are close by,” said Mark Leon, Mountain’s Edge board v.p. “So, if anybody has an idea of putting in an Olive Garden that would be great!”

There are 58 communities within Mountain’s Edge – everything from small condos to large single family homes.

Something for everyone. 

And the board members say the HOA dues for the community is only $31 about the lowest in Las Vegas thanks to smart water landscaping and good budgeting.

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