LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A dozen golden retrievers arrived in Las Vegas on Thursday evening after being rescued from overseas.

The dogs were saved from being slaughtered and were brought in from China to Vancouver, Canada where they have been in quarantine for the past six months.

Several Golden Retrievers are searching for new forever homes across the Las Vegas valley (Credit: Goldens Without Borders)

The non-profit organization Goldens Without Borders made the trip to Canada to bring the dogs to Las Vegas.

The rescue group’s website states that most of its dogs are slaughterhouse survivors from China and Korea.

Overseas rescue partners provide a safe environment and prepare the dogs for travel which includes vaccinations and quarantine.

In most cases, the dogs are sterilized before traveling.

The non-profit group generally places the dogs into foster homes which allows them time to adjust before being ready for adoption, according to its website.

As of Thursday, Aug. 25, Seven of the 12 dogs are currently available for adoption.

For more information on how to adopt the dogs click HERE.