LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The Vegas Golden Knights open their third season as an NHL franchise this weekend and defenseman Shea Theodore is opening up about something else. His battle with testicular cancer.

In a self-written article in the Players Tribune, Theodore talks candidly about the cancer that he learned he had 3 months ago. The article is titled, “To My Golden Knights Family.”

Because of random testing by the NHL it is believed that doctors found the cancer early enough that he should make a full recovery.

In the article Theodore says: “After the surgery, when the doctors were able to do a biopsy on the mass in my testicle, they found that it was a mixed germ cell tumor: embryonal and seminoma, stage I. While the embryonal component can be very aggressive and spread to abdominal lymph nodes, mine was caught early because of the comprehensive blood testing.”

“Currently, I’ve made a full recovery and of course I’ll be followed closely for any signs of recurrent disease by my surgeon.” Theodore continued.

Theodore ends the article by saying, “See you at the Fortress soon, Shea.”