LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — On Friday evening, CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara send out a statement saying he intends to remain in his job. On Sunday, school board President Linda Cavazos said there are some key issues she wants to collaborate on with Jara and her fellow trustees.

It’s been a tumultuous school year with school board members openly attacking each other and Jara being fired and rehired.

Cavazos said some top issues include developing clear communication between trustees and Jara, as well as raising morale district-wide.

Jara said, in his Friday statement, the focus should also be on issues such as student safety and mental health.

I’m very hopeful on getting to a better place because I feel the community deserves that,” Cavazos said.

She said the agreement with Jara includes assurances for everyone involved.

“That we’re going to be working toward common goals for student achievement and what is going to be best for our students, our district, our employees, our community,” she said. “He is our only employee. If we don’t have that clear communication, if these assurances do not flow both ways, then we cannot be successful.”

Cavazos says morale needs to be addressed because educators are leaving and students are confused.

“We cannot forget about the boots on the ground. We cannot forget about our food service workers, our teachers. These are the people that kept everything going for our children during the pandemic.”

There are some timely issues that Jara could address in the coming weeks, including the employee COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Once CCSD and employee unions come to an agreement, it will go back before the board. Cavazos has not received an update on that yet.

“I myself have made some inquiries on that as far as the timeline because we have a lot of people that are concerned about that, and with good reason. They want to know what is this going to look like.”

Moving forward, Cavazos said they are looking at other avenues, such as mediation, to settle some issues that have not been finalized.

When it comes to the vaccine mandate, the school administrators union said it recently received an email from a CCSD negotiator asking to meet to see where it stands on the issue. No date has been set for a meeting yet.