Gig workers frustrated, say unemployment website is not user friendly

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — According to the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, 81% of Nevadans who filed are receiving unemployment benefits. The other 19% have not.

8 News Now spoke to those filing amid the constant frustrations.

“During the last part of March, all of April and all of May, so far, the business has been zero,” said Michael Screeton, who is filing for unemployment. He is one of thousands still doing so. “I do repair for a dentist, and as soon as the virus came in on March 18, everything shut.”

Screeton is self-employed.

“Now, the new system that just went into effect, the, I went through that and filed out all the paper work on that, and some of the questions were rather confusing,” explained Screeton.

“Kevin,” who was furloughed April 26, agreed. He said wording is tricky and thinks that is causing most of those “pending resolutions.”

“On that initial filing, beyond the weekly filing questions, there’s some more comprehension questions that are asked,” revealed Kevin. “The two that were confusing to me didn’t specify a timeframe … one involved whether or not I currently or will receive a pension.”

Those questions flagged Kevin’s eligibility. He, too, files weekly and calls but receives no response.

“I like to tell them that if they are going to do something, if they make that proclamation to give you the money from the government to help you survive, and they are going to pay you so much a week, that they should follow through with that,” Screeton stated.

Trish Conelly said under her account, it says “IP Investigation Case Special Project,” which she said she has no idea what it means and would like clarification.

“I’m on unemployment PUA page on Facebook, and there are massive, massive amounts of people with this issue.”

8 News Now followed up with the unemployment office today, and they said new information will be addressed at Friday’s briefing.

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