LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Gas prices have once again risen and Las Vegas residents have been feeling the pain at the pump, causing drivers to question how often they need to hit the road.  

“If things get worse, I could definitely see myself having to stop.” 

Adam Johnston is a Lyft driver but driving lately has become a daunting task because of gas prices soaring again.  

“I’m taking home 120 or 150, but still a big chunk of the bottom line is taken out,” Johnston explained. 

He’s been driving 4 days a week, and every day it costs him more than 50 dollars to fill up.  

“My biggest fear is if prices continue to climb or if they get to 5.50 or 6 dollars.” 

We have been inching closer to that. As 8 News Now drove around, prices as high as $5.85 a gallon could be seen near Durango and Flamingo.  

According to Gas Buddies, gas prices dropped 17.5 cents a gallon nationally. Why aren’t we seeing much of a change here? 

Kara Green with the Western States Petroleum Association has an explanation. 

“Nevada primarily is getting their petroleum from Utah. Las Vegas, however, mostly gets it from LA-based refineries.” 

Prices are so unpredictable, Miles Reynolds, who owns Sport Court Las Vegas, said it’s affecting his projects around the valley. 

“We have to be a lot more strategic on how we schedule and alleviate having to come back to projects. We always try to be efficient but now it’s up to another level,” said Reynolds.  

His team spends more than 300 dollars a week when going back and forth to project sites. 

Gas Buddies told 8 News Now refinery issues leading to supply challenges have been a big factor in the unstable gas prices. They expect this to continue for at least a few more weeks.