LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Gas prices are averaging $5 per gallon across the country, but are those high prices affecting RV sales?

If you’re thinking about hitting the open road this summer in a big camper, while it’s important to consider all the factors, high prices shouldn’t stop you from jumping in and hitting the road.

“When you’re on a fixed income, you only have so much money to enjoy and that’s it,” said RV owner Dennis Barnett. “It doesn’t matter about the length you stay, because it’s the fuel getting there and getting back. But it does depend on how many places you go.”

General manager of Jonnie Walker Ronnie Corwin said sales are still booming despite gas prices.

“We all kind of expected it to slow down a little bit because of gas prices and stuff like that, but it really hasn’t missed a beat,” Corwin said.

He noted that people are still able to find ways to save money with RV’s, which is what is keeping business steady.

“You’ve got your own home. Just like everything else right now, prices have gone up,” he said. “Hotels, restaurants, everything that you do if you don’t have an RV is going to cost more.”

He also added that ownership of an RV can grant you other kinds of freedoms.

“You get an RV that fits your lifestyle, not your lifestyle to fit the RV,” he said. “That way you’re already comfortable with the way you live your life, and you enjoy your RV because it’s part of you.”