LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Making furniture safer for families with little kids is one of the many goals of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

8 News Now takes a look at what has been done to increase safety and what part parents and guardians need to do.

Part of the consumer CPSC’s “Anchor It!” campaign is showing real footage of children having close calls with falling furniture that could have been fatal.

The CPSC began the awareness campaign in 2015 by working with families who experienced such frightening incidents to help others avoid the dangers of falling furniture and televisions.

“It can only take a second for a toddler to reach, try to climb something, and tragedy strikes,” CPSC Director of Operations Pam Springs said.

However, the CPSC’s annual tip-over report was released this month, revealing some good news.

“The incidents of injury and death from tip overs are going down, that’s great,” Springs said.

Springs added that there is still work to be done; between 2019 and 2021, there were nearly 20,000 emergency room visits in the country from people injured from furniture tipping over.

Last year, the CPSC approved a new safety standard mandating new testing requirements for dressers.

“Great news for consumers, they can be assured that any furniture purchased after May 24 will be tested rigorously for safety, there will be hang tags and labeling to indicate such,” Springs said.

Parents and guardians should also be doing their part. Most of the furniture you buy comes with an anchoring kit, including brackets and a tie, to anchor that heavy dresser drawer, TV, or bookcase.

If it doesn’t come with a kit, head to your local hardware store.

For more tips on furniture safety, visit the Anchor It! website.