Furnishing homes a growing concern across the valley, here’s why

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Buying a new home is one problem in the Las Vegas valley. Another? Furnishing it. The pandemic is still causing delays for the furniture and appliance industries.

A product buyer for Walker Furniture says some are waiting months for items.

“Waiting means not just days or weeks,” said Cathy Daniel, assistance merchandise director for Waker, “it is really months.”

From couches to ottomans, delays on products are an unfortunate reality.

“We are 60% in stock now,” shared Daniel. “We used to be 95%, so 60% is way different.”

Problems are happening all around the world, including material shortages, like wood and fabric, and labor issues.

“You have freight issues; you have long shoreman issues; you have COVID issues, which is the start of everything,” Daniel said.

In her 45 years in the furniture business, she has never seen anything like this. Daniel says other countries are still having a number of problems related to the virus.

And it’s not just the furniture industry.

“Appliances are getting backordered in the supply chain,” said Ruth Walls with Elements Design Group. “Demand has gone up with housing, so we kind of have a perfect storm here.”

She notes people waiting for certain appliances in their home are having to wait longer than expected.

“Beginning of COVID, there was a 30-day delay, depending if it is a luxury brand or a mass brand,” Walls explained. “We are looking between a month and six months, depending on what brand it is.”

The problems stem from material shortages to shipping problems.

Walls also works with some home builders. She says the demand for designs in new homes is greater than ever.

“Builders are struggling now to just keep their pricing in line with lumber, copper, all the pricing going through the roof,” Walls shared.

Daniels says if you are planning to buy new furniture, to try and plan ahead as much as possible to get the items you want. It is not known when delays will improve.

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