LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — For more than 35 years, Miracle Flights has eased the financial strain of travel for families with medical needs and the program is having a fundraiser so it can continue its mission.

The fundraiser will be held Thursday night at Jaguar Land Rover and the public is invited to the signature cocktail fundraiser hosted by Red Rock City Lifestyle Magazine.

The owner of the magazine is on a mission to raise support for local nonprofits. The proceeds from the benefit will help cover the cost of flights for families in need of life-changing medical care across the country.

“Since I took over as the new publisher I want to use the magazine as a vehicle to support local nonprofits and Miracle Flights is my first partner in generating awareness for great causes,” said Camilla Dorand, Red Rock City Lifestyle.

One woman said Miracle Flights was crucial in helping them fly to get treatment for her sister who has epilepsy.

“This has really helped my sister in giving her a path to have more access and range to those medical appointments that we couldn’t necessarily travel to due to gas expenses or mileage and Miracle Flights has really impacted her overall health and well-being,” said Rebecca Jimenez.

Via Brasil will serve unlimited food and drinks at this event. Tickets cost $30 and you can purchase tickets online at Eventbrite or on Red Rock City Lifestyle magazine’s Facebook page.

The fundraiser will take place inside Jaguar-Landrover June 9, at 6425 Roy Horn Way, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.