LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Former Nevada Assemblyman Ozzie Fumo is running for Clark County District Attorney, making it official after he said in August he was considering running for the office.

He will challenge Clark County DA Steve Wolfson, who has already indicated his intention to run for re-election.

“The District Attorney’s office is a position from which enormous change can be made. If elected, it will be my goal to make Clark County a safer, healthier, and more just place for our entire community,” Fumo said.

“There are no quick fixes when it comes to justice,” he said, “but we can immediately implement policies that prioritize getting the most dangerous offenders off our streets and working to find alternative solutions for non-violent and non-repeat offenders, offering restorative pathways back into society while digging out the root causes of crime and harm and ending vicious, multigenerational cycles.”

Fumo, a prominent trial lawyer, has been a vocal critic of judges. He lost a bid for a Nevada Supreme Court seat in the last election.

“Nevada is no longer the Wild West; it’s time our justice system represented a more thoughtful, nuanced future. We need to be tough on crime, and the way we can do that most effectively is by putting extensive resources into stopping it before it starts. I look forward to making these changes deliberately and for the long haul as the elected Clark County District Attorney,” Fumo said.