LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As the local community deals with a devastating crash that killed five bicyclists Thursday, 8 News Now spoke with friends grieving for those they lost. 

“To lose people like this,” local cyclist Luigi Grullon said. “It’s heartbreaking.”

It’s an agony many can’t imagine, but Grullon knows too well, as he copes with the loss of his closest friends. 

“Now you’ve got to go places where you hang out with these people,” Grullon explained. “And they are not there anymore, you know?”

Grullon’s regular cycling group was involved in the horrific crash along the US 95 south of Boulder Highway. He was supposed to go along, but had to cancel for an unexpected appointment. 

Five cyclists were killed and three others were hurt after a box truck drifted into their lane and hit them. 

“We’re all just shook to the core with this,” fellow cyclist Paul Mangual said of the crash. “Five people that we know very well are no longer with us.”

Mangual also knew the group of around 15 people that were part of Thursday’s ride. He echoed Grullon’s shock and devastation. 

“We knew once we found people had passed away,” Mangual said. “We knew it would be someone we knew.”

Mangual said the tragedy has shocked everyone, but he hopes it sheds light on the danger cyclists face across Southern Nevada. 

“I’m just really saddened by all of this and the more I think about it,” Mangual told 8 News Now. “I really just hope people will pay attention when they are out there on the road.”

Though their riding partners are gone, both men will do their best to honor their memories every time they head out on the road. 

“I know right now those people would want us to be riding,” Grullon concluded. 

Grullon and Mangual wanted to remind everyone that bicyclists have rights on the road. 

Per Nevada law, a driver must give a bicyclist at least three feet when passing on any road whenever possible.