LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas therapy and treatment center has been seeing more people reach out for help over the past week.

Thrive Solutions offers help for people battling mental health and addiction. The Coronavirus pandemic and uncertainty surrounding it has heightened anxiety, and the experts at Thrive say anxiety is a trigger for many. They offered some tips. 

“Typically, anxiety is fear of the future,” said Monique Mascetti, a licensed clinical drug and alcohol counselor and marriage and family therapist. “So if we cast ourselves into the future with all this fear, we make things worse for ourselves. So just getting outside, getting into the environment and helping the brain to transition to a calmer place.”

“The more that we can control what we have control over, helps us to feel more empowered,” Dr. Joseph Bradley echoed. “I’ve been encouraging people, you have the ability to control your diet, your health and exercise at home.”

“If you have animals, you can walk your dog, wash your dog, give it a bath, brush it. Go garden. In other words, be accountable and responsible to another living thing. In doing so, there’s a lot of sense of purpose that gives you. When we find purpose in our life, it’s easier for us to be motivated to move forward and not get caught up in what we perceive is out of our control.”

Thrive is still seeing clients, online and in-person when needed, following CDC safety guidelines.

The center is hosting free webinars at this time for mental health and addiction.

You can find more on their website.