LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — October is the month dedicated to breast cancer awareness. However, behind the pink ribbon, there are women and men who are struggling with their diagnosis.

“We are finding breast cancer is taking a toll on families. The struggles that people have trying to take care of their own health needs, and also their family needs,” Kenneth Moskowitz, the CEO of Jewish Family Service Agency said. 

JFSA recently implemented a breast cancer support group for low-income individuals going through breast cancer treatment, regardless of race or faith, and it serves Clark County and surrounding areas.

“Many of them feel isolated and lonely and don’t have the support that people going through this kind of experience can benefit from,” Moskowitz said. 

The group started earlier this summer and immediately welcomed 15 people, but that number continued to grow throughout the months. It offers breast cancer patients financial assistance, so they do not have to choose between paying for medical bills, rent, and utilities. 

The members also get their own case manager at every step of their diagnosis and treatment. 

However, Moskowitz said the emotional help being offered by survivors is just as instrumental. 

“Survivors are able to meet and share their experiences and learn from each other’s strengths and pull each other up,” he said. 

The group offers counseling for families who are having a hard time processing their loved one’s diagnosis. The services offered are free. 

To learn more, visit the JFSA website.