LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A well-known Las Vegas haunt will be gravely missed this year after canceling after its location fell through.

Freakling Bros. Horror Shows announced in a Facebook post that it is canceling the 2023 haunt season. According to the post, the haunt came close to doing an abridged season after its original haunt location fell through, but did not want to present a “rushed, subpar show.”

The haunt said it will be dedicating its time to creating a new attraction and exploring options to make a big comeback for the 2024 season.

The full statement from the Freakling Bros. is as follows:

We’d like to thank the community for answering the call when we needed your help after our original location fell through. You gave some great options, and we came close to doing an abridged season. But after careful review of the timeline for set up, casting, permitting etc we realized it just wasn’t going to be possible to give you our best, and we’ve never been willing to present a rushed, subpar show.

We’re sad to announce that we will be canceling the 2023 haunt season, and instead dedicating our time to finalizing the design for a new attraction, and exploring our options to make a big comeback possible next year. There will be challenges and we will take a substantial loss, but we love what we do and we love doing it for Las Vegas. We might seem dead now… but at Freakling Bros, bodies don’t stay buried. In 2024, the dead will walk the earth.

Happy Halloween!