Fraud expert talks steps to take in cases of unemployment fraud

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — More and more of you are reaching out to 8 News Now about falling victim to unemployment fraud. This week, we’ve shared concerns many are having about filing a complaint and not getting confirmation.

We spoke to a fraud expert and someone who recently got a hold of a Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) employee about this issue.

“I am more concerned with how rampant this is or could be,” said Michael Burton, who filed a fraud complaint with DETR.

Burton is a business owner and lawyer. Someone filed for unemployment using his name. He was worried and tried to call DETR after receiving a letter from them.

“First, I was shocked I was able to get through,” Burton recalled. “I have heard all the same stories.”

He explained what happened and says an employee told him what to do.

“They simply said that was basically fraud and to respond to the inquiry I got as an employer and let them know it was not a legitimate claim,” Burton recounted, “and I did that, and I faxed it in, and I kept a copy.”

He says he sent the fax and that was it, but he kept the records he sent in.

“You want to report that fraud to your employer, you want to report that fraud to the State’s unemployment benefits agency, and if possible, report the fraud online,” explained Sean Connery, fraud expert and owner of Orbis Solutions, Inc.

Most people say they are not sure if a complaint is done if it is sent. Connery says the more records you can keep, the better.

“Keep any confirmation numbers, keep a record anyone you speak with, who you spoke with and when you spoke with them,” Connery directed. “And finally, review your credit report often.”

As to how fraudsters are getting people’s information, he says it could come from many places.

“Fraud is going to take place because every time you hear about a breach, more and more informations is getting filled out in the dark web,” Connery explained. “They are going to be able to fill out what is called a ‘fulzy.’ I am going to get your address, your social security number, your driver’s license number. I am going to get more and more information with every breach.”

According to DETR’s website, if you file a fraud complaint, you will only be contacted if it helps the investigation.

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