Fourth Annual ‘State of the Wedding Industry’ talks ups and downs of major Vegas industry

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Leaders in the Las Vegas wedding industry said our city will continue to be a main attraction in the future during the Fourth Annual “State of the Wedding Industry” event. They gathered on the south end of the Strip Tuesday night.

It’s a way for those involved in the business to update everyone on what’s good and bad.

Last year, 73,000 weddings brought in more than $2 million to the economy, but that’s actually a down year. Back in 2004, Las Vegas hosted 128,000 ceremonies.

“We have lost the market share. I think we kind of forgot about this industry. We’re not the shiny new penny anymore,” said Clark County Clerk Lynn Goya. “We’ve been the wedding capital of the world for 50 years or more. It’s fun to talk about new things, and weddings have not been a new thing.”

The county said new chapels and wedding businesses opening will help bring numbers up. They also mentioned one thing Las Vegas has that other cities don’t is a range of options for every budget.

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