LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A photo of Harry Reid and Richard Bryan greets you when you walk into the 84-year-old former Nevada governor and U.S. senator’s door.

Bryan was among many in Nevada and national politics taking time to talk about Reid on Wednesday, a day after Reid died after a four-year battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 82.

Bryan and Reid served together in Carson City and Washington, D.C.

Together, they were known as “The Gold Dust Twins.”

“Both of us were obviously ambitious. Both of us were very much focused and I think there was sense that we may go someplace,” Bryan said.

And they did.

“Surprised, astounded many, but yeah, we did,” Bryan said.

“Harry and I became very close and we introduced more bills than any two legislators probably in the history of the Nevada Legislature,” he said.

From the Nevada Legislature to the Capitol.

Bryan became governor in the ‘80s and Reid a U.S. senator.

“He has a very dry wit and I must say I miss that,” Bryan said.

Then together again in the U.S. Senate. Reid — two years younger — the senior senator in the duo.

“If there was an objective, a project, something he wanted to accomplish, he was focused on that and every bit of energy was applied to that,” Bryan said.

A laser-like determination led Reid to become one of the most powerful men among many.

“Ultimately the spot that he had as the majority leader of the United States could not be a more powerful position in the Congress of the United States,” Bryan said.

Bryan says he last talked to Reid a few weeks ago.

“We were talking about our experiences today and reminiscing and I wish there could have been more times for us to do that because that was thoroughly enjoyable,” Bryan said.

Two old friends, remembering the life they shared.

Funeral arrangements have yet to be announced. But because Reid has so many former staffers and worked with so many people — it’s expected to be a large event.