LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– A 13-year-old boy went from battling RSV to performing in front of the medical staff who treated him.

Music is Markus Brown’s passion.

“He didn’t speak until he was four, so he spoke through music,” Mara Brown, Markus’s mother said. 

Markus was born three months early. Growing up, he had many health complications, which is why it was scary when he contracted RSV. 

“We brought him into Quick Care and within 10 minutes we were on our way here,” Brown said. 

Markus was in the UMC pediatric ICU for six days.

“I was coughing, and I wasn’t breathing right, I was breathing very fast,” Markus said. 

“It got worse before he got better, once he went down, he started to make some changes, take some measures, and try different meds,” Brown said. 

The hospital staff said their musical therapy program would bring a smile to Markus’ face while he went through treatment.

“I was scared, I missed being home, I missed my dad, and I missed my brother,” Markus said. 

However, Markus pulled through. He went from being on oxygen 24/7 to performing in front of a crowd at UMC just weeks later. 

It was his way of saying thank you to the hospital staff who helped treat him. 

Markus will perform again inside the UMC main lobby on Wednesday, Dec. 21.