LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The former North Las Vegas city manager is being fined $10,000 for allegedly trying to give herself a salary raise of $30,000 outside of an approved time frame.

The Nevada Commission on Ethics approved an agreement on Oct. 19 to issue the penalty against Dr. Qiong Liu, accused of committing two ethics violations while trying to retroactively raise her salary as city manager in 2019.

Each violation will bring a $5,000 penalty against Dr. Liu.

Liu was hired by North Las Vegas in 2005 and became city manager in 2014. Her employment agreement at the time listed a base salary of $190,000, city council meeting documents said.

The agreement said that Liu would be eligible for salary increases based on performance reviews, given annually.

In September 2016, the city council voted to raise Liu’s salary to $220,000 with the effective date of the increase being Sept. 7, documents said.

In January 2018, Liu requested that her 2016 pay raise be processed retroactively to Nov. 5, 2015, a memo which was never sent to Mayor John Lee or the city councilmembers, according to documents.

Had the increase been processed, she would have received a lump sum of approximately $25,000, documents said.

In December 2017, Liu had told Mayor Lee that she believed the 2016 pay increase should have been applied to the 2015 date. She also told the city council that she believed she had been underpaid since 2014 in comparison to other city managers, documents said.

Liu said she believed it was an administrative error that her raise was not processed to apply in November 2015 and that she did not know the mayor or council had to sign off on her request, documents said.

The $10,000 fine must be paid within 60 days of the penalty agreement.

A statement from The City of North Las Vegas regarding the former city manager was provided to 8 News Now.

It’s reassuring that the Ethics Commission conducted its own investigation and found that Liu willfully abused the power of her position and broke the law. The City is hopeful that this outcome will help put an end to four years of baseless attacks and litigation harassment by Liu against the City and its officers. We thank the Ethics Commission for their time, diligence and dedication to holding Liu accountable for breaching the public’s trust.

Delen Goldbery, City of North Las Vegas spokesman